Universal Role-Playing System

The Universal Role-Playing System is a lightweight fantasy game that is easy to learn and highly customizable. The system derives its flexibility from the fact that there are no character classes. Each character is defined by their race and the skills that they possess. This allows both players and GMs to create an endless array of different characters by spending their skill points in different areas. Available at DriveThruRPG and Lulu.

Dungeon Sage: Issue 1 Player Options for Old School RPGs

Dungeon Sage magazine is dedicated to serving the tabletop gaming community. This issue features 9 new playable races and 7 new playable character classes compatible with OSR, Labyrinth Lord, Castles and Crusades, and the 1st edition of the world’s oldest role-playing game. In addition to this, you will find new spells and magic items to keep your game night interesting. You can also get a physical copy at Lulu.

The Varangian Guard Class for Old School RPGs

The Varangian Guard were elite warriors that guarded the Byzantine Emperors and served as shock troops and mercenaries in many battles. The Varangian Guard were well known for their use of two-handed axes, toughness, skill, and aggression in battle.  The Varangian Guard class is perfect for people that like to play large, tough warriors that specialize in using two-handed weapons in old school RPGs.

The Swashbuckler Class for Old School RPGs

The Swashbuckling character has a long literary history. A Swashbuckler is an acrobatic sword fighter that relies on speed, skill, and agility. While swashbucklers are portrayed in literature as having a cavalier devil may care attitude, they all have a code of chivalry and honor. Presented here is the swashbuckler class for the worlds oldest RPG.

The Scout Class for Old School RPGs

In Old School Games the role of reconnaissance is often filled by the thief.  The problem is that while thieves are capable of reconnaissance, they are not trained for it. Their skill set is missing vital skills to be able to give the party good information on what lies ahead. To make matters worse the party must always guard their valuables when dealing with a thief.  The solution is to get a person with a background as a military scout.

The Scout Class was created explicitly to fill the role of providing high quality reconnaissance to the party. In addition to this the characters military background means that they are more capable in combat then a thief of the same level. Finally, since they are not a thief the party does not have to worry about their valuables. 

The Meat Shield Generator

Meat Shield Generator is a program to randomly generate hirelings for your Old School RPG and OSR campaigns. The program allows you to control the distribution mixture of different common races as well as the probability that a henchmen or hireling that is available is a level 1 character. If the character is 1st level, then the program determines what the character class is based on the race and attributes. Then it generates appropriate equipment and spells for the character. There is the option to include rare races that will be featured in up coming Seffner Games products.   Available on Drive Thru RPG.

Coming Soon – The Island of Antillia series:

The Antillia Series is ambitious project for a collection of premade Old School / OSR compatible adventures and mega dungeons that are all set on the Island of Antillia. The series will include new character classes, spells, magic items, monsters and more to give veteran players some new material to use in their games. The titles currently planed for the series are as follows:

Trouble in Middlesborough

The Jungles of Antillia

The Ruins of Antillia

The lost city of Antillia (Mega dungeon)

The Tides of Antillia (Underwater Adventure)

The Underwater caverns of Posenia (Underwater Adventure)

The Underwater City of Zakynthos (Mega dungeon)